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Welcome to St. Pete Boot Camps Corporate Wellness Program.


Studies show that an employee participating in a consistent exercise program is highly likely to be more efficient and productive in the workplace than one who does not. Did you know that a fit worker is less likely to call off from work due to an illness and be fatigued?

St. Pete Boot Camps offers “Lunch Break Boot Camps” every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Corporate Discounts to participating companies in Tampa Bay. For example, if you are an employee of the City of St. Petersburg, within any department, you can recieve a 20% discount on any of our boot camp and personal training services! All corporations and employees participating in our programs can attend any boot camp including our FREE Saturday Morning Boot Camp and take advantage of our corporate rates and discounts. All new members recieve 2 weeks FREE to try us out and get in the best shape of their lives!

How do I get started?

Simply choose the amount of camps you wish to attend per week and provide your necessary information below – it’s that easy. After your information has been processed you will be scheduled for a FREE complimentary fitness evaluation valued at $50 and on your way to having the body you desire and deserve.

Can I Join With a Partner or Co-worker?

We encourage exercise and fitness with groups and offer a special rate for groups of 2 or more. See below for more details.


What Companies Currently Take Advantage of the Corporate Wellness Program?

The City of St. Petersburg

Schedule (subject to change):

Monday – Wednesday: 6:00 am – North Shore Park
Monday & Wednesday: 6:30 pm – North Shore Park
Thursday and Friday: 5:30 pm – North Shore Park
Lunch Break Boot Camp: – Monday, Wednesday, Friday – City Gym


Camps at The PAL and Zumba coming soon…

North Shore Park – 1120 North Shore Dr. NE
City Gym – 33 – 6th St. So.
Police Athletic League (PAL) – 1450 16th St. No.

What’s included in my membership?


All of our boot camp programs include the following:

  •  FREE Initial Fitness and Nutrition evaluation –     $50 value


  • A “Rapid Fat Loss Success Kit and Meal Plan” – A customized exercise and nutritional program on your days off from boot camp. – $65 value


  • Free BONUS: Saturday Morning Boot Camp Sessions$20 value


  • Tons of fun and of course, GUARANTEED RESULTS!PRICELESS!

Thats right, your total monthly membership is valued at $172.50. That’s over a $100 savings to be part of the only money-back guaranteed fat loss boot camp program in St. Petersburg!

Sign up now!You must show proof of your employement upon arrival to boot camp or your intitial evaluation.

The “Ultimate Body Transformation” Program (NEW)- I am serious about totally transforming my body! Sign me up for 5 camps per week! – That’s only $3.75 per camp!

Rapid Fat Loss Program: Sign me up for 3 times per week!
($13 per camp) NOW ONLY $5.60 per camp!

Economy Program: 2 Boot Camp Sessions per Week ($15 per camp) NOW ONLY $7.23 per camp!

It’s Better than Nothing Program: 1 Boot Camp Session per Week – ($18 per camp) NOW ONLY $8.80 per camp!

Corporate Group Program – This program is for up to groups of four and can include family members and/or co-workers. Must show proof. Recommended for those who want motivation from their family or co-workers and is a great option for you to use to get in great shape while saving cash.

Group Size

Sign up today and recieve a FREE 2-week test drive
All members have the option to cancel at any time.

As usual, our program come with a money-back gurantee, which means if you are not satisfied with your results after following our program and Rapid Fat Loss Kit, we will simply reimburse your hard earned money back to you with no questions asked.