What is boot camp and what can I expect at a St. Pete Boot Camp session?

  •  Boot camp is a combination of anaerobic exercise, aerobic and muscle conditioning  combined in a total body workout, where you’re engaging multiple muscles to increase your metabolism, helping your body burn enormous amounts of fat while at rest! A session could include squats, push-ups, tire flips, resistance bands and sprints – the list could really go on. It’s a fun and variable workout and a great form of interval training. At any given session you can expect to burn 400 – 700 calories and up to 1000 calories 38 hours later.

What should I bring to boot camp?

  • Mat or towel
  • Water
  • A ton of enthusiasm!

Do I have to sign up for specific days, or can I just drop in?

  • Just fill out our registration and liability form to bring to your first day of boot camp and you can come to any boot camp scheduled for 2 weeks or based on your membership plan you’ve selected.

How many days a week should I attend boot camp

  • We have sessions 9 times a week  and most of our clients who have reached the best results attend at least 3 sessions per week.

 Can I attend boot camp with my “bad” knee, back, shoulder, overweight etc.?

  • You should see your physician first to ensure you are cleared for boot camp. All of our prescribed exercises and routines have a modified version for any physical limitation you may have . Make sure to tell your instructor before the session begins.

Since boot camp is outdoors, what happens if there is bad weather?

  • Assume boot camp is always on unless there is lightning or torrential weather would result in a cancellation of the session.

If for any reason boot camp is cancelled, how will you notify us?

  • By phone, text or the update on our Facebook Fan Page. Be sure to like us for all updates.

Do you have personal training sessions?

  • Yes! Private and semi-private training sessions are available indoors. Contact Damon for your FREE fitness consultation.

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