What to do About Your Wrist Pain During Push Ups

Do you experience wrist pain? Especially when you do push ups, mountain climbers or burpees?

Whether you’ve just started working out at St. Pete Boot Camp, taking on a fitness lifestyle with a wrist ailment like carpal tunnel, or a veteran trainer experiencing wrist pain when performing most “pushing” and hand-based “stability” exercises, you need to check this one out.

If you have wrist pain when your hand is in an extended position, here’s my good friend and pain specialist Rick Kaselj with some tips for you:


And here’s how to incorporate fascia stretching for improved wrist mobility and to do pushups pain free…


First up, you can do some self massage with a tennis ball. Roll the ball against the wall along the forearm. You can increase the density of the ball or the pressure to increase the intensity of the massage.

Next, add some wrist stretching daily. Hold this stretch twice daily for 20 seconds:

challenge workouts


Finally, instead of having the hand in the full extended position when doing a high plank, push up etc, place the hands on a towel, dumb bells or elevate them with a half roller to reduce the extension and associated pain.

Here’s more videos to help your wrist when doing other exercises:


If your wrist pain is holding you back, check out Rick’s latest program: Fix My Wrist Pain

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Fix My Wrist Pain Package What to do About Wrist Pain During Push Ups

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