2 Butt Workout Plans

In preparation of the Triple A Protection Program – Arms, Abs and Ass Camp beginning January 26th at Physiques Personal Training Studio, I just wanted to share the video below and teach you the correct way to squat in order to develop your glutes. I included to great workouts you can get started on today.

There are 3 main ingredients in building a firm, more toned and appealing glutes:

  1. Squats
  2. Correct form – Go deep! None of that 1/2 way stuff – you have to make your legs become parallel to the ground.
  3. Go heavy – To build big muscles, you lift big weight. Same applies to the rear. I suggest only going heavy once per week and light the rest of the week.

Watch the entire video and copy the workout to do on your own. Leave a comment letting us know how you feel. Also, there is still room for 9 people if you want to join our new AAA camp. Call 727.320.7952 if you’re serious!


Damon Reio

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